Family swinging sonOur Vision:  The Snohomish County Asset Building Coalition (SCABC) envisions a financially healthy Snohomish County

 Our Mission:  The Snohomish County Asset Building Coalition’s mission is to develop a variety of resources, educational opportunities and pathways to financial health through private and public collaborations.

In 2006 the Snohomish County Asset Building Coalition was convened by Snohomish County Human Services Department’s Community Action Partnership Division in cooperation with Human Services Department, United Way of Snohomish County and Workforce Development Council Snohomish County.



The SCFEN strives to make the delivery of financial education more efficient and effective by sharing resources and information, and permitting private and public partners to be confident in the quality of services provided, allowing them to make referrals for their staff and members of the community interested in expanding their financial knowledge.  Our work through providing frontline staff with relevant financial training at our monthly meetings will increase the financial capabilities of those we serve.


The Snohomish County Financial Educator’s Network (SCFEN), founded in 2010, is a subcommittee of the Snohomish County Asset Building Coalition (SCABC). The SCABC has made financial education and professional development a priority, providing a collaborative environment for staff from the social service community and Coalition membership, to network, share strategies, resources and create opportunities for partnership in the delivery of services. The primary goals of our monthly SCFEN meetings are to provide trainings, resources and networking opportunities that frontline staff can use and to “un-silo” the provider community.

To view our upcoming meeting offerings, or to access information and resources from past trainings, please visit the Financial Educator’s Network tab. For any other information, or to join the FEN, contact Steve Creed: steve.creed@uwsc.org.