Financial Capability Toolbox Training

Snohomish County Asset Building Coalition is now offering free


This training is designed to offer information, tools, and strategies that will support the work of frontline staff when you and your clients need assistance with: starting the conversation, goal setting, financial coaching, budgeting, money management, banking, financial assessment, or any phase of financial empowerment. 

Each participant will receive the Toolbox binder that includes sections on:

  1. Financial Coaching
  2. BankOn North Sound
  3. Make Change Count Resource Guide
  4. Financial Health Assessment Toolkit
  5. Your Money Your Goals Toolkit / Behind on Bills? workbooks

About the Financial Capability Toolbox Training

Our Coalition is working to increase the financial capacity and resources available to frontline service providers.  We have assembled the Financial Capability Toolbox to provide the financial resources for budgeting, credit, and other financial issues that are important for working with people to increase their self-sufficiency.

We offer our training on these resources knowing that they may be used in different contexts and environments.  We have presented to a variety of audiences; from an energy assistance program where they have only 25 minutes with a client, where brief assessment and referral is all they have time to offer, to housing agencies, who in some cases work with the same client for years, using the included material over a period of time. In all cases, we have tailored the training to be of value to the agency or program.

The Toolbox contains 5 sections with resources and tools on:

    • Financial Coaching – establishing the relationship, active listening, powerful questioning, creating awareness, planning/goal setting, and managing progress and accountability.
    • BankOn North Sound – Banking resources, with low or no cost accounts for people who may have been turned down in the past or had their accounts closed by their financial institution.
    • Make Change Count Resource Guide – a resource guide that includes providers and resources that may not be offered in the county.
    • Financial Health Assessment Toolkit – this assessment was developed locally and is reflective of our financial coaching approach; it includes continuums of areas of financial capability and provides a goal setting tool that supports the values of the client and provides an accountability worksheet.
    • “Behind on bills? Start with one step.” workbooks designed for working with clients in a case management context. This workbook is provided by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. We will provide the number of workbooks your agency will need to work with each client, with information on how to order more at no cost.
  • Your Money Your Goals Toolkit – also provided by the CFPB; it includes assessments, money management tools/worksheets, as well as information on understanding and improving credit reports/scores and credit/banking.

We have found that an hour and a half is about right for the training, it can be adjusted depending on your available time.  The most important piece is that it addresses your staff’s needs and increases your client’s success.  Please provide the following information prior to the training:

  • How much time you have with a client
  • How often you meet with your client, over how long a period of time
  • What areas your staff are most interested in increasing their knowledge around.

Each attendee will receive the number of the “Behind on bills?” workbooks they will need for their clients, the Toolbox binder and when updates occur, those updates will be emailed to the group to put in their binders.  Please call or email if you would like to discuss bringing this Toolbox to your staff or if you have questions.

Steve Creed – Project Manager: Email:   phone: 425 760 0305